Monday, July 20, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show (19/7/2015). The full playlist...

  Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online, and this time we had as 'guest on the chatbox' the English musician/composer Andy Wade. Andy is the brother of Chris Wade, the mastermind behind the Folk-Rock project 'Dodson & Fogg'.
In order to honor and thank him, we played 3 songs in total from both his albums, plus an extra song from a project he had with his brother named 'Rexford Bedlo'.
  Once more we had listeners from many countries as usual, and I think everybody enjoyed the music and the show in general. A funny incident happened at the end of the show, and I'll describe it here: We played the last song which was the "epic" one, we said our goodnight to the people, and closed the connection with the server. At that point, someone mentioned something about playing one more song as an 'encore', and suddenly altogether started writing on the chatbox that we had to play one more song. After almost 5 minutes that we talked about it, we re-opened the server in order to play one more song for them. And after a public demand, the song we played as 'encore' was once more 'Stargazer' by Rainbow.
 On a different subject now, I would like to inform you that next Sunday's Prog & Roll will be the last one for this season. After that show, we will have an almost 1.5 month break, in order to relax, go on holidays, and "refill our batteries" in order to be ready for the new season. And since it will be the last show, we will do our best to present a powerful and enjoyable playlist for our listeners. 
So, try not to miss this Sunday's (26/7) Prog & Roll, because it will be a great one!
Here you can see the full playlist from last night:

XII ALFONSO: Physics & Hunting / JETHRO TULL: Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day / TAMALONE: Good Earth Wine / STRAWBS: The Hangman & the Papist / STEELEYE SPAN: Cam Ye O’er Frae France / DODSON & FOGG: Flying High / REXFORD BEDLO: Hold on / JOSH & CO LIMITED: Land of the Gods / JOURNEY: You’re on Your Own / ANDY WADE: Don’t Take this Away from Me / NEKTAR: Can’t Find My Way Home / CREAM: Badge / PINK FLOYD: Run Like Hell / MARILLION: Assassin / IQ: Tunnel Vision / PORCUPINE TREE: Even Less / ANDY WADE: Who We Were / AMERICA: Sandman / ANDY WADE: Something Beautiful / BROKEN PARACHUTES: False Prophets / GARY BROOKER: Savvanah. 
"Epic" song: WISHBONE ASH: Phoenix 
'Encore': RAINBOW: Stargazer.
 I would like to say a very big thanks to Andy Wade, and all those who joined our show last night. 
Your love and support is giving us strength and make us try to do our best on each of our radio shows.
Thank you all! :-)