Monday, July 27, 2015

The Last PROG & ROLL of the season. (26/7/2015). A small review & the full playlist...

Hello everybody!
  As it was announced, last night we had the last Prog & Roll radio show for this season. Starting from today we are in holidays (only from the radio show unfortunatelly), and we will return after almost 1.5 month, in the middle of September.
  During last night's show we had many people listening and chating through the chatbox, and many of them were musicians. (Band members or solo artists). So, as a 'thank you' for their support, we played at least one song from each one of them, or from their bands. And because there were people coming and going all the time, we had to play their songs at the time they were online and listening. That's why the playlist is kind of mixed up. We also did 3-4 small but fun music contests, and we gave as prizes 5 cd's by Drifting Sun, and 1 by Archonaut. Here I would like to thank Pat Sanders from Drifitng Sun, and the guys from Archonaut (Jens & Sebastian) for their gentle offer.
 The whole show lasted for 2.5 hours, and I believe everybody enjoyed it. (It seemed so at least).
 Here you can take a look at the whole playlist:

1st Part: Intro / QUEEN: Let me Entertain You / KANSAS: Child of Innocence / MIKE OLDFIELD: Shadow on the Wall / ARENA: Enemy Without / ARCHONAUT: Ark.
2nd Part: THE ROLLING STONES: Ruby Tuesday / THE BEATLES: For no One / DAVID BOWIE: Life on Mars? / DRIFTING SUN: Silent in Shame / MIKE KERSAW: Farewell / FUSION ORCHESTRA 2: Rapunzel.
3rd Part: BLACK SABBATH: After Forever / LED ZEPPELIN: The Rover / PORCUPINE TREE: Blackest Eyes / MOTHER TURTLE: Bridge / FLORIAN DECROS: The Woman City.
4th Part: PINK FLOYD: Julia Dream / GENESIS: Anyway / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Medicine Man (Live) / DRIFTING SUN: The Wizard.
5th Part: URIAH HEEP: Sunrise / THIN LIZZY: Emerald / RAINBOW: Gates of Babylon.
'Epic' Song: RUSH: Xanadu.
Here I would like to say a very big 'Thank you' to all those who are listening, supporting and advertising our show in these last 3 years. We are really honored to have such a wonderful audience! 
Thank you all, and have a great summer!
We'll 'see you' again online after almost 6 weeks.
'till then... Take Care! :-)