Friday, July 24, 2015

The last Prog & Roll of the season...

  I'm writing this in order to inform you that on this Sunday (26/7) Prog & Roll radio show will be online for the last time before our summer break. That's why, we will try to make a really great show for all our listeners. As far as I know there will be many musicians gathered on the chatbox, and I believe it will be lots of fun chatting with all these people while listening to music.On our behalf, we are preparing a very interesting - I believe - playlist, on which we will play music from many different music genres, such as: Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Neo Prog, etc. We will also going to add 1 song from each band/artist that will appear on the chatbox during the show. You know, as a "thank you" for supporting us.
 Further than that, most probably the show will last 2.5 hours instead of 2, because I'm sure that many of our listeners will want more, as it usually happens.
 After this show we will have an almost 1.5 month break, and our show will be online again in the middle of September.
 So, in case you are interested, I should inform you that Prog & Roll will be online this Sunday at 20.00 UK time (21.00 Italy, 22.00 Greece/Turkey). It is a live show, and the broadcasting is in English (mostly), and Greek. You can listen to our show by clicking on this link:
  We will be very glad to "see" you there once more.
Thank you! :-)