Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GFreedom's 2015 Top-10 Rock & Prog-Rock albums list. (Part.2)

 Part 1: 

            CALIGULA’S HORSE: Bloom
  This album was the last one that was added to my list, because I discovered it during the last week of 2015. (And the band as well).
  Caligula’s Horse is an Australian Prog Rock/Metal band that is trying to become the “bridge” between Rock and Metal. Their discography consists of 3 studio albums so far, but I have no idea how their previous albums sound like.
  Their music seems influenced by many bands /artists from different music styles and/or sub-genres, therefore is full of surprises. Although they are considered as a Prog-Metal band, their sound is rather soft and melodic, with only 2-3 powerful moments, such as ‘Marigold’ for example. I don’t have many things to say about them, because I don’t know the band well enough.
But what I can say, is that I really enjoyed listening to “Bloom”, and I recommend it to those who can enjoy an album with very nice compositions, and a style that is changing from Prog-Rock to Prog-Metal and back.
By clicking on the following link you can listen to the song 'Marigold', one of the album's best moments in my opinion.

                       CORVUS STONE: Unscrewed
A few months ago I wrote a small post in this blog about Corvus Stone and their album ‘Unscrewed’. You can read it here, because there is no point writing the same things all over again: http://gfreedomathina.blogspot.gr/2015/07/corvus-stone-unscrewed-2015.html
Further than that post I don’t have many things to add, except a really clever comment I read online about their second album, that describes perfectly the band and its sound: CORVUS STONE - Corvus stone II (sounds that CAN be made to paraphrase last year's MARILLION's album title! One of the most prog bluesy, eclectic, diverse and delightfully listenable albums I've ever heard. It's like prog but...it's not!)
In my opinion Corvus Stone definitely worth more attention, and ‘Unscrewed’ is a very good start!
Totally Recommended!

Here’s the song ‘Brand New Day’ in case you want to have a small idea how the band sounds like: