Friday, January 29, 2016

GFreedom's 2015 Top-10 Rock & Prog-Rock albums list. (Part.3)

            DRIFTING SUN: Trip the Life Fantastic

This is one of the most beautiful and  pleasant to listen to albums of 2015.  
Almost 10 months ago I wrote a rather detailed article about this album, so there is no reason to write more I think, especially since my opinion hasn't changed a bit.

                TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

         STEVE HACKETT: Wolflight
  Being a big fan of Genesis (up to 1977 only), it is rather logical to have a great respect for Steve Hackett, despite the fact that his solo albums weren’t as good as I would wish for. (There are some exceptions of course).
So, when I learned about this new release of his, I didn’t pay so much attention to be honest.
But I couldn’t be more wrong, and here I am today, adding ‘Wolflight’ into my list with the  best albums of 2015.  
  ‘Wolflight’ can be considered as a ‘concept’ album, and its main theme is the relationship between a human and a wolf.  For the needs of the story, Mr. Hackett spent some time with wolves in order to be able to understand their behavior and their reactions.
Wolflight includes 10 tracks, and has a running time of almost an hour. For the needs of the recordings Mr. Hackett used 6 musicians plus 4 guest ones, with Chris Squire (Yes) being the biggest name on the list.
The album has a rather dark atmosphere in general, and it includes some wonderful moments that can be easily characterized as “jewels”. In my opinion, 2 of these “jewels” are: ‘Love Song to a Vampire’ and ‘Corycian Fire’, which is about the birth of Dionysus in a cave in Ancient Greece.
There is no need to write more on the subject, my opinion is to give ‘wolflight’ a careful listening, and judge by yourselves. I believe it is an excellent work! Congratulations Mr. Hackett!
By clicking on the following link you can listen to 'Corycian Fire'