Monday, March 21, 2016

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (20/3/2016). A small review & the complete playlist.

  Last night - after a week's break - Prog & Roll radio show was back online at the usual time.
That was a show to remember I believe!
Further than the music and the usual warm and fun atmosphere on the chatbox, all of us participated in a guitar auction somehow!
 One of our listeners - Benjamin Bell - who is a musician, was taking part in an auction for an electric guitar. The auction ended almost at the time that Prog & Roll was ending. In order to support and encourage him, we promised that we will keep the microphones open after the end of the show, and we will be there in order to see what was going to happen On his behalf, he was informing us what was going on during the last minutes, and because we were all so supportive and there was a real panic on the chatbox, he promised that if he was lucky enough to win, he would be naming his guitar Prog & Roll as a memory of that night. AND HE WON! :-)
(I don't remember the type of the guitar to be honest, but it is a very beautiful purple one).
  But that was not all! During the show we were chatting with our listeners, trying to find a way to meet with some of them from close, and we were trying to find some convenient places. We - of course - proposed to them to come to Greece for holidays, and I think that was the idea the people liked the most. At one point one of our listeners - Sarah from UK - was checking the flights, but I don't know what finally happened.
 Furthermore, we had Phegos from France, who was trying to explain to Nihal how to pronounce the French language, by writing examples on the chatbox.
As you can understand, we lots of fun once more, and an unforgettable ending.
In my opinion, this is what makes Prog & Roll different from all the other radio shows. They are the people that are making the difference, and we are really grateful for having such a wonderful audience!
Here you can take a look at the song we played:

Part 1: PAIN OF SALVATION: Reconciliation / REDEMPTION: Threads / CALIGULA’S HORSE: Marigold / BLIND GUARDIAN: At the Edge of Time.
Part 2: EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Battlefield / YES: Soon / NEKTAR: New Day Dawning / BABE RUTH: The Duchess of Orleans / CURVED AIR: Back Street Luv / CAROL OF HARVEST: Treary Eyes.
Part 3: PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS: Band on the Run / THE ROLLING STONES: Beast of Burden / THE WHO: Trick of the Light / TOM PETTY: Something in the Air / THE WALKABOUTS: Jack Candy / MADRUGADA: Salt.
Part 4:  ALCEST: Le ou Naissent les Couleurs / TOOL: Parabola
"Epic" song:  CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Architect of Fortune.