Wednesday, March 2, 2016

STEVEN WILSON: 4.1/2 (2016)

  I have been a fan of Porcupine Tree since I don't remember when. When Wilson decided to leave the band aside and follow a solo career I was kind of disappointed, but I continue following his solo works. I have all his solo albums in my collection, with 'Insurgentes' being the only exception.
  In the past, I wrote reviews for his 2 previous albums, which you can find here if you are interested:
The Raven that Refused to Sing:
   Starting this, I have to say that honesty, I can't find any reason why someone would like to buy this new album of his. (Wilson's music collectors are excluded). 
  First of all, this is not a "proper" album. It includes songs that were recorded in the previous years, (mostly during the "Raven" and "Hand" sessions) and for some reason were not included there.
 Furthermore, there is nothing new here. Nothing! The songs are similar in style to the songs on his 2 previous albums, but not so good ones. (Maybe that's the reason they were not included in the first place).
 4.1/2 works like a "bridge" let's say, between Hand.Cannot.Erase, and his next album.
There are only 6 songs included in the album, and the total length is almost 36 minutes.
 I listened to the album a couple of times so far, and the first word that comes to my mind is 'boring'.
 If I had to pick a couple of favorites, I would choose 'Sunday rain sets in' and 'don't hate me' which I think is the best song here, and it belongs in the Porcupine Tree era.
 I'm sure that many people will disagree with opinion, but from my point of view this is his least interesting album ever!
 If you are not familiar with Steven Wilson, then don't start with this album. Try any of his previous works - and even better - with Porcupine Tree's albums.
If you are a fan of him, then you are going to buy it anyway, like I did.
                   If I had to rate it, I would give 2.0 out of 5.0 stars.