Saturday, March 12, 2016

Keith Emerson passed away.

I'm guessing that all of you learned the terrible news of Keith Emerson's death already. 
(The problem is that I am on short holidays out of my country at the moment - for which I will write a couple of posts later on - and I don't have the means to write properly. So I'm trying to do the best I can with a small tablet).
 So, last night I heard the terrible news, and I was totally shocked!
Keith Emerson died at the age of 71. And what made the things even worse, was the fact that he took his own life with a single gunshot on the head.
As far as I read, because of some serious health problems he was facing, he was not allowed to play music anymore, and he was struggling with depresion.
 And on the 10th of March he decided to suicide.
2016 is proven to be a terrible year for musicians so far, and here's one more really great name that has been added to this sad list.
 R.I.P Keith Emerson, you will always be remembered through your music!