Saturday, October 22, 2016

GFreedom's Juke Box No.175

Hello all! :-)
It is a beautiful rainy morning here in Athens, and here I am again with my usual weekly Top-5 songlist for you.
During this week I listened to lots of music, especially because I was trying to prepare a nice playlist for tomorrow's Prog & Roll radio show.That's why some of the songs in my list will be included in tomorrow's radio show as well.
So, for this week, these are the songs I chose as best ones:
OPETH: The Seventh Sojourn (Sorceress - 2016)
DISCIPLINE: Before the Storm Pt.1 (Unfolded like Staircase - 1997) 
GENESIS: Blood on the Rooftops (Wind & Wuthering - 1977)
TIM BUCKLEY: Goodbye & Hello (Goodbye & Hello - 1967)
KARMAKANIC: Eternally Pt.2 (Who's the Boss in the Factory - 2008)
I will also add the YT links for the songs in my list, so you can listen to them immediately if you want to. Well, the ones I was able to find at least.
DISCIPLINE: Before the Storm Pt.1
GENESIS: Blood on the Rooftops
TIM BUCKLEY: Goodbye & Hello
KARMAKANIC: Eternally Pt.2
Enjoy the music and have a nice weekend.
Thank you! :-)