Monday, October 31, 2016

PROG & ROLL Radio Show, including the 'Song of the month' contest. A small "review" & the complete playlist.

  Last night the last Prog & Roll Radio show of October was online, during which, the final stage of the ‘Song of the Month’ contest took place. If you don’t know what this is, please take a look to a couple of posts below this one, and you’ll find out.
  Once more we had many people listening to the show, but this time we had less people in the chatbox. That didn’t bother us though, and we proceeded with the contest without any problems.
  During October, we did 4 radio shows (excluding last night’s one), during which we played 76 songs in total. The songs that gained the highest average points according to our listener’s grading were 7. So, during the 2nd hour of last night’s show we played these 7 songs one after the other, and we asked for our audience to grade them once more, but considering more options this time, than just their personal likings.
  So, at the end of the show, we announced October’s ‘Song of the Month’ which was Nimrodel by Camel. Second, with a really small difference was Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull.
Here you can see the 7 songs, and inside the parenthesis are the average score they received.
CAMEL: Nimrodel (8.18)
JETHRO TULL: Locomotive Breath (8.16)
TRANSATLANTIC: We All Need Some Light (7.81)
KARMAKANIC: Eternally Pt.2 (7.16)
KANSAS: Dust in the Wind (7.15)
STYX: Crystal Ball (6.00)
  Further than that, we did our usual music quiz, and the winner was once more Florian Decros from France. His winning prize is the physical and signed copy of the album The Burden of Paradise, recorded by Different Light.
Here you can see the complete playlist from last night:
1st Part: FREE: Wishing Well / LYNYRD SKYNYRD: Cry for he Bad Man / LOVE: The Castle / THE WHO: Pinball Wizard / THE ROLLING STONES: We Love You.
2nd Part: BLUE OYSTER CULT: Nosferatu / WHITESNAKE: Here I Go Again / IRON MAIDEN: Remember Tomorrow / METALLICA: The Unforgiven / SYSTEM OF A DOWN: Lonely Day.
3rd Part: BRYAN FERRY: I Got the Same Old Blues (Music Quiz) / SONG OF THE MONTH FINAL: STYX: Crystal Ball / TRANSATLANTIC: We All Need Some Light / VERBAL DELIRIUM: Fear.
4th Part: KANSAS: Dust in the Wind / CAMEL: Nimrodel / KARMAKANIC: Eternally Pt.2 / JETHRO TULL: Locomotive Breath.
  I would like to thank all those who tuned in last night, and especially those who participated in the Song of the Month contest, by grading the songs we played. Your help and support is much appreciated!
  Prog & Roll will be on air again on Sunday the 6th of November, with another special show. But more details on that, later.
Have a nice week!