Saturday, October 8, 2016

GFreedom's Juke Box No.173

Hello all! :-)
Once more I'm here with my usual Saturday 'Juke Box' post, which is my weekly Top-5 songlist.
From all the songs I listened to during each week, I choose 5 that I think are the best ones and I'm posting them here for you.
So, for this week, these are the songs I chose as the best ones:
KANSAS: With this Heart (The Prelude Implicit - 2016)
TRAFFIC: When the Eagle Flies (When the Eagle Flies - 1974)
CLIVE NOLAN: Quartenary Plan (Alchemy - 2013)
VERBAL DELIRIUM: Fear (The Imprisoned Words of Fear - 2016)
FLEETWOOD MAC: Man of the World (Then Play on - 1969)
In case you are interested to listen to the songs in my list, here are the YT links for them. Well, the ones I could find at least.
KANSAS: With This Heart
TRAFFIC: When the Eagle Flies
FLEETWOOD MAC: Man of the World
Enjoy the music and have a nice weekend!