Friday, September 29, 2017

PROG & ROLL Proudly Presents: KING'S RANSOM - A musical by CLIVE NOLAN.

Hello all!
  I am writingthis piece in order to inform you about the forthcoming Prog & Roll radio show, that will be online on Sunday the 1st of October, at 20.00 UK time.
  We have a very different and interesting show prepared for our listeners, that will include an extended presentation of the new Rock opera/musical King's Ransom, by Clive Nolan. Given the opportunity, we will also play songs from other Rock operas and Rock musicals, but the "main dish" will be King's Ransom.
  But that's not all! We are also going to have 3 narrators, that will "guide" our listeners through the story, and explain what is going on in the plot. The 3 narrators will be the usual producers of Prog & Roll, which is me and my wife, and... Clive Nolan himself! Yes, that's right! Clive Nolan will be the one that will do the introduction to the whole opera, and to each of its 2 acts. I mean, who knows better the story than the person who wrote it?
 Further than all these nice things, we are going to have Clive Nolan on our shoutbox as well, most probably together with some musicians and/or singers from the cast of King's Ransom. So, altogether will be listening to music, and they will be chatting with us and the people who are going to be there at the time of the show.
  This is going to be a very interesting show, and a unique chance to meet one of the greatest musicians of Progressive Rock of the last decades. So, try not to miss it! 
  I would also like to inform you that, Prog & Roll is a bilingual live broadcast, and its always on time! In case you want to listen, just click on the following link at the day and time I mentioned above:
Here’s a video teaser we made especially for the occasion.

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