Monday, September 18, 2017

Prog & Roll's premier show of the 6th Radio Season...

Hello all!
  After a long Summer break, last night Prog & Roll had its premier show for the 6th radio season. As I wrote here a few days ago, we had a special show prepared for our listeners, and I am very glad to say that it was a blast!
  We did make a presentation to the new album of Drifting Sun, Twilight, we had the band's leader Pat Sanders on the chatbox, but also as the show's co-host. (In a manner of speaking). Because he couldn't be with us, we decided to pre-record a few parts, where he was introducing his songs to our audience. To be honest, the whole thing was kind of confusing, but everything went fine and we had a good laugh. Furthermore, we did 2 music quizzes, and the winners won a copy of Twilight, gently offered by Pat. (Thank you Pat).
 We had a good crowd that was listening, from many countries once more, and some of them were listening to Prog & Roll for the first time. Like Chris for example, who was listening from California, and he used to be Drifting Sun's singer in the 90's; or the owner of the famous site Progradar. And near the end, Colin Tench joined our company, even for a little while.
The playlist was including songs taken from new releases exclusively, with only one exception; the song we played in the 2nd music quiz.
  Personally speaking, I am very pleased with last night's show, and I hope that everybody enjoyed it.
I would like to thank all those who listened to Prog & Roll last night, and especially Pat Sanders for his help and for the prizes he offered.
Here you can take a look at the complete playlist:

1st Part: COBALT BLUE: Bereaved / SIENA ROOT: Sundown / SOEN: Jinn / TIME COLLAPSE: The Messiah Complex Pt.1 / EARTH ELECTRIC: The Endless Road.
2nd Part: DRIFTING SUN: Twilight / COMEDY OF ERRORS: One Fine Day / CELLAR NOISE: Move the Stone / DRIFTING SUN: Wings of Hope.
3rd Part: FUN LOVING CRIMINALS: I’m not in Love (Music Quiz) / ROGER WATERS: Picture That / DRIFTING SUN: Soldiers / STEVE HACKETT: Inca Terra.
4th Part: DRIFTING SUN: Remedy / BIG BIG TRAIN: The Second Brighter Star / BAROCK PROJECT:  Alone / DRIFTING SUN: Summer Skies.

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