Saturday, January 6, 2018

PROG n ROLL Presents: The Show's Top-10 lists (7/1/2018)

Hello all!
  I am writing this post in order to inform you what is going to happen in tomorrow's Prog n Roll radio show...
So, tomorrow will be all about Top - 10 lists!
  First of all, we are going to present mine (and the show's) Top - 10 album list for 2017, together with the 5 albums that reached up to the final draft, but finally didn't made it. The list will be presented in alphabetical order, and we are going to play one song from each album included in it.
  Furthermore, we will announce Prog n Roll's 10 most favorite bands/artists for 2017, according to the show's playlists. Also, we will announce Prog n Roll's all time's 10 most popular artists/bands, since the beginning, almost 5.5 years ago; Again, based on our playlists.
   In my opinion, this will be a very interesting and kind of informative show, so in case you will be free tomorrow evening at 20.00 UK time, tune in!
  I would also like to remind you that, Prog n Roll is a live bilingual broadcast, and further than just listening, you can also  participate in the very warm and friendly chatbox.
Here's the link of the radio station:
Thank you!

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