Friday, January 5, 2018

GFreedom's 2017 Top-10 album list (Part.3)

Hello all!
  Here is the 3rd (but not last) part of my Top-10 album list for 2017. In case you are interested to see the other 2 parts, just scroll down a little bit. I will say once more that my list is in alphabetical order.

  This was an album that I was waiting with great anticipation. Clive Nolan's previous Rock opera/musical (Alchemy), was one of my most beloved albums of the last years; so when I learned that King's Ransom will be continuing the story - in a way - I couldn't wait! When I visited Clive's home in London on March 2017, he played 2-3 songs for me, and my anticipation for the official release became even bigger, because all songs I heard were wonderful.
  So, I pre-ordered the cd's, and what I received was a very beautiful CD-box, including 4 CD's, 1 DVD and many booklets. A very impressive and expensice production without a doubt. Anyway, the point is that King's Ransom is a wonderful album, which I listened to again and again, and I don't think I will get bored of it.
In case you are interested, click on the following link to read the - rather detailed - review I wrote about it a few months ago.
Here's a small sample: CLIVE NOLAN: Harm's Way (trailer)

  Legends of the Shires is the 11th studio album of the English Prog-Metal band Threshold, and I dare say one of their best ones. Prog-Metal was never my cup of tea, so I try not to write reviews about albums that belong in this sub-genre. But that doen't change the fact that Threshold released a really wonderful album, which I enjoy a lot; And when I saw them on stage performing songs from it, I liked it even more! The album is filled with great guitar riffs, "catchy" melodies and very interesting compositions in general. The performance of the musicians is superb, having as "maestro" the leading guitar riffs of Karl Groom. The album includes a couple of "hit" songs, like for example Small Dark Lines and/or State of Independence, together with couple of  "epics" (over 10 minute long songs). (The 10-minute-long Lost in Translation is one of the best songs of the album). Well, what else can you ask for?
  In my opinion, Legends of the Shires is equally good (if not better) with some legendary albums the band released in the past, like Critical Mass or Subsurface for example.
Just click on the following YT links for a couple of samples:
THRESHOLD: Small Dark lines (Official Video)
THRESHOLD: Lost in Translation

  My Top-10 album list will be concluded with the excellent debut album of the Greek band Time Collapse, Night to Day. Another very big surprise to me, cause I had no idea about them, 'till I found them on Prog Archives. Their sound is heavy, massive, with a "psychedelic" essence and clear influences from bands like Tool and/or Porcupine Tree for example.
  On May 2017 I wrote a review for this album, so in case you are interested you can read it here:
By clicking on the following links you can listen to a couple of songs from the album:
TIME COLLAPSE: Messiah Complex Pt.1
 TIME COLLAPSE: Time Bound/Time Collapse

At this point my Top-10 album list for 2017 is finished. I hope that you found these 3 posts informative and helpful. One more post will follow in the next few days, including the 5 albums that reached up to the final draft but for some reasons didn't made it...
Thank you for reading this...


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