Thursday, January 25, 2018

GALAHAD: Seas of Change (2018). My "review"...

After the two - rather powerful – albums Galahad released back in 2012, the release of Quiet Storms was kind of a surprise to me. Very nice album without a doubt, but “different”. And when I learned about the release of Seas of Change, I had no idea what to expect. 
  Seas of Change was another surprise to me, in the sense that it includes only one song! The 42-minute long suite with the same name. In my opinion, it needs something more than “guts” to release an album with only one song in it, especially if your name is not Mike Oldfield! 
The truth is that, the CD and the digital version, are  including 2 more songs as bonus tracks. But not the vinyl version.  
  The production is excellent once more, and responsible for that in no other than Karl Groom and the Thin Ice studios. Karl Groom, further than the leader of  Threshold, is also an excellent producer, as it is proved by the productions he did on Galahad’s latest albums; starting from Empires Never Last. Another very important fact is that, Stu Nicholson is once more in great form, and his vocals are adding a lot to the album’s  dynamic.
  As far as I understood, the album’s main theme is the uncertainty that is spread above UK, because of the upcoming Brexit. This also proves that Galahad do not afraid to deal with some serious problems that our modern world is facing. Because Brexit is not only an English thing; it’s a European thing, if not universal. As you can understand, because the album includes only one song, it is impossible (and needless) to try and write something about each of its 12 parts, because it must be heard as a whole piece of work. And there is the album’s strongest point for me. 
  The only thing you will have to do is to insert the CD into your player, press ‘play’ and let yourselves sunk into the beauty of Galahad’s music.
  This is an excellent piece of work in my opinion, and it is highly recommended to the fans of the Modern Progressive Rock and/or Neo-Prog. Hat’s off to Galahad, not only for trying to present something so ambitious and creative, but also for succeeding in it!
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           My Rating would be 4.5 stars (out of 5.0)


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