Friday, February 23, 2018

THERION Live in Greece (8/9-3-2018)

  In almost 2 weeks from now, the Swedish Symphonic Metal band Therion will give 2 live shows in Greece. On Thursday 8th of March, the band will appear at the Principal club in Thessaloniki and the next day at Pireus Academy in Athens.
  Both concerts will be including 3 support bands, so my estimation is that the whole thing is going to last for about 5 hours.
The complete band list is the following:
THERION (Sweden)

  I never had the opportunity to saw Therion on stage before, so I decided to go and see them this time.
  I bought my ticket (28€), and now I am simply waiting for the days to pass.
  In case you are interested, here's a link where you can buy your tickets. (The online ticket costs 30,80€): 
8/3/18 Thessaloniki:
9/3/18 Athens:

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