Saturday, March 9, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο. 36

Good morning everybody! :)
After a really very busy and difficult week, I realised that today is Saturday.
Which means that now is the time for the usual Juke Box post.
So without further delay, I give you my best 5 songs for this week:

Steven Wilson: Drive Home (The Raven that Refused to Sing) - 2013
The Rolling Stones: 2000 Light Years from Home
(Their Satanic Majesties Request) - 1967
Eric Burdon & The Animals: San Fransiscan Nights
(Winds of Change) - 1967
Mostly Autumn: Mother Nature (The Last Bright Light) - 2001
Galahad: Guardian Angel (Beyond the Realms of Euphoria) - 2012