Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prog & Roll Special Show: The song on the month!

Hello folks! :)
As many of you know already, tomorrow night GFreedom Team will  present one more Prog & Roll radio show. And because it is the first show of the month, we have the "Song of the month" contest!
Which means that we have collected all the songs that our audience voted with the highest points through February, (all these songs have an average point of 8.5 or higher), and we will play them again tomorrow night, at the second hour of our show, during the final stage.
So, our audience will grade them again, and the one song with the highest average number will be declared as the song of February. And at the same time it will be the second song in our annual Top-12.If you are interested in seeing which song was declared as the "Song of the Month" for January, and which other songs participated in that contest, please click here:
  Our radio show starts at 20.00GMT, and lasts for 2 hours. (the contest will start at about 20.50GMT)
I'm reminding here that the broadcasting is in two languages. English and Greek.
So, the conclusion is that if tomorrow night you are in the mood for some really very good music, and a very friendly environment, then we will be happy to have you at our show! :)
You can log in by clicking to the following link: