Saturday, March 2, 2013

2/3/1949. Rory was being born...

As today, 64 years before, a legend of Rock music came to life.
Rory Gallagher was born in Kork Ireland.
In the age of 9 saw Elvis Presley on TV, and there he decided to become a musician. He started playing guitar by himself without receiving any lessons. When he was 12, in a local music contest he won his first electric guitar. When he was 16 years old he founded his first blues band named Impact, and with them he toured a bit through Germany and Spain during the years 1965 & 1966. Before he reached 20 years of age, he had already become very known worldwide with his next band, Taste.
After Taste's disbanding he decided to follow a solo career, and he did that until the day he died.
He composed some of the most famous songs in Rock history such as: Shadow Play, Bad Penny, Do you Read me, etc etc...
In the end of the '80's he was facing serious health problems but that didn't stop him from releasing records and giving live performances. His last concert was in Holland on the 10th January of 1995.
After some serious problems with his liver (because of alcohol) he died on the 14th of June 1995.
He lies in Saint Oliver's cemetery in Kork Ireland.
In order to honor his memory I decided to post here every day one part of a documentary I found about his life. This documentary is in 5 parts, so in the next 4 days you will be able to watch it all.
And closing this, the only think I want to say is... R.I.P  Rory!