Monday, March 18, 2013

Prog & Roll Radio Show: The Top-5, the playlist & more...

Good Morning all!
   Last night we had one more radio show as we do on every Sunday night.
This time we thought to separate the 2 hours in 4-half hour parts, and have a different theme for each part.
And so we did. The first half hour was the 'Metal' one.
(We had one exception though). And here's why:
On some of our shows we make music contests. The winner of every contest has the right to choose a band with which we will start our next show. So, the winner of last week's show asked for Porcupine Tree. Therefore, we had to start with them. And that was the exception on the first half-hour.
The second half hour's theme was 'artists that made a solo career' (Regardless if they were members of a  band at some point). The third half hour's theme was 'Krautrock & German Progressive Rock'.
 And the fourth's was 'The UK Progressive Rock scene'.
   But further than this we had a surprise that we didn't expect. The singer of Galahad Stuart Nicholson, logged in (again) and listened to our show, while he was chatting with everybody on the chatbox.
That's the second time in a row that he is logging in to listen to us, and I must say that we are very honored and rather proud! Also this time we persuaded him to join the little 'game' we play, with the grading of the songs. The first time he didn't wanted to participate, but this time he did and I think he also enjoyed it!
And it was also very interesting to see him commenting on each song we were playing while he was grading it.We also played some songs he had no idea about, and with some of them he was pleasantly surprised.
In the last part we played a song from his band 'Galahad', that we didn't have on our playlist, just to thank  and honor him. (And I think he was rather pleased with that).
Anyway, the conclusion is that once more we all had 2 very pleasant hours with lots of fun and good music.
And that's the point, right?
   Now, I will post here the Top-5 songs as they were voted from our audience, and next I will post the whole playlist for you to see and get an idea...

  The Top-5!
 1. ELOY: Inside
2. CAMEL: Air Born
3. MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND: Visionary Mountains
5. PROCOL HARUM: Skating on Thin Ice.
From these 5 songs only the first two achieved an average of 8.5 & higher. Therefore these two are going on our list in order to participate in the last stage of the contest for the 'Song of the Month'.

And here you can see the whole playlist:
First Part: PORCUPINE TREE: Signify, MYTHODEA: Asia, DISTORTED HARMONY: Breath, METALLICA: The call of Ktulu (Live with the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra).
Secord Part: PETER GABRIEL: Games without Frontiers, MIKE OLDFIELD: Shadow on the Wall, PAUL Mc CARTNEY: Let me Roll it, CARLOS SANTANA: Well Alright, DAVID BOWIE: Time, TIM BUCKLEY: Pleasant Street.
Third Part: CAN: Le Weekend, JANE: Out in the Rain, NOVALIS: Atlanto, ELOY: Inside, TRIUMVIRAT: The Deadly Dream of Freedom
Fourth Part: GALAHAD: Memories of an Africa Twin, GENESIS: Lilywhite Lilith, PINK FLOYD: Have a Cigar, MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND: Visionary Mountains, CAMEL: Air Born, PROCOL HARUM: skating on Thin Ice.
A very big thanks to all of you that logged in last night, and I hope you enjoyed our show. 
We sure did! :)