Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"BORN TO BE WILD" The golden age of American Rock. Part 1: The '60's

I found this documentary the other day, and I thought of posting it here for you to take a look.
It is a really great documentary about the rise of Rock music in America, covering almost 3 decades, and it is split in 3 parts.
Today I'm posting here the 1st part which deals with the '60's exclusively.
It has a running time of almost an hour, and inside you'll find rare live footage, interesting interviews from legendary musicians, and you'll learn about "Flower Power" among other things. And of course all these are covered with lots of great music!
My recomendation would be to sit down, relax and spend a really pleasant hour with this documentary.
I hope you'll like it.
Enjoy! :)