Saturday, October 11, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.103

Hello all!
Another Saturday came, and it is time to post here my weekly Top-5 songlist. Last week I didn't write my usual "Juke Box" post because I was very busy. So, after a week's absence 'GFreedom's Juke Box' is back.
 I've listened to lots of music this week once more, and again it was hard for me to choose only 5 songs for the list. Even now I'm not so sure that I picked the 5 best ones... :P
And without further ado, here's my weekly Top-5 songlist:
ARENA: Sirens (Pride - 1996)
CURVED AIR: Stay Human (North Star - 2014)
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Childlike Faith in Childhood's End (Still Life - 1976)
RIVERSEA: Wiser (Out of an Ancient World - 2012)
TIM BUCKLEY: Pleasant Street (Goodbye & Hello - 1967)
I will conclude this post by adding 2 videos with songs from my list. So, enjoy 'Stay Human' by Curved Air's latest release, and the classic 'Pleasant Street' by Tim Buckley.
Have a great weekend everybody, and thanks for visiting... :)