Monday, October 6, 2014

Prog & Roll radio show on 5/10/2014. The full playlist and more...

Hello all!
 Last night one more 'Prog & Roll' radio show was on air, and here I am today in order to write down the full playlist, together with a few info on the show.
 There were really many people who were listening, and many of them were active on the chatbox as well. From time to time there were some interesting conversations going on, and in general the chatbox was really active once more. 
 As for the playlist, we tried to make a rather different one this time, by including many bands and artists which we were playing for the first time in our show. We also changed a bit the structure of the playlist, by moving the fast and noisy songs in the end instead of the start.
 I believe that in it was a good show in general, and our listeners seemed to enjoy it. We also had a music contest, and the winner was Dave Smith from the band 'Salander' who logged in for third time in a row in order to listen and chat with us and the other people in the chatbox. It was a very pleasant night, and the 2 hours passed really fast. As for the 'Epic' song which is closing our shows usualy, this time we chose Iron Maiden's 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.
 Here you can see the whole playlist in order to so see which songs we played:

KAIPA: First Distraction / MIDLAKE: Acts of Man / ECHOLYN: Headright / RISHLOO: Freaks & Animals / TOOL: Sober / INDUKTI: Shade / PINK FLOYD: What do you want from me / THE D PROJECT: Making Sense / MARILLION: The Damage / GAZPACHO: Valerie’s Friend / MAVARA: Period of Innocence / MANFRED MAN’S EARTH BAND: Redemption Song (Contest) / CROSBY STILLS & NASH: Cathedral / NEIL YOUNG: Cinnamon Girl / THE ROLLING STONES: Stray Cut Blues / MAN: Life on the Road / JUDAS PRIEST: Victim of Changes / DIO: Egypt / IRON MAIDEN: Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
 I want to thank you all who logged in and listened to the show, participated in the chatbox etc, and we will "see" you again on next Sunday the same time.