Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My channel in Youtube reached 30.000 views.

Hello all!
I'm writing this post in order to thank you for visiting my channel, sharing songs, etc.
A few days ago my channel reached at 30.000 views, which is a very good number in my opininon, considering that I opened it almost 6 months ago.
 I did a lot of work in these months in order to upload as many songs as possible, and have a small music "library" ready for all of you.
So, up to this moment my chanel includes almost 280 songs, divided in 5 playlists (Some songs are included in more than one playlist).
 The playlists are the following:
FOLK ROCK: (25 songs), ROCK IN GENERAL: (85 songs), HARD & HEAVY: (31 songs), PROGRESSIVE: (160 songs) and OTHER: (12 songs).
So far 65 people has subscribed, and the songs received 270 likes and 2 dislikes in total. (Not bad at all).
Another important fact is the number of shares, which is 450 in total, and it shows that many people like what they find in the channel and are sharing the songs they think are interesting and good ones.
 Speaking for myself, I will continue uploading songs in order to make a bigger and more interesting music library for all of you, and I hope you will continue supporting my channel by visiting, subscribing, commenting, sharing etc.
Thank you all very much!
P.S: In case you want to find my channel, go to YouTube's main page, then to 'search channels' and write George Eleftheriou. You will recognise mine from the 'Jester' which I have as avatar.