Monday, April 20, 2015

Prog & Roll radio show (19/4/2015). A "review" and the full playlist.

After a week of absence, last night Prog & Roll was online again.
In last night's show we had the pleasure of having 2 members of the English Neo-Prog band 'Drifting Sun' on the chatbox. The mastermind behind the band Pat Sanders (keyboards), and the guitar/bass player Dan Storey. The guys logged in at the time of the show, and together we spend 2 hours chatting, listening to music, etc...We had planned to play 3 songs from their new excellent album, but finally we played 4, because we had many people who logged in later, and they didn't have the chance to listen to the songs we played before.
 I'm glad, because I saw that almost everybody appreciated Drifting Sun's songs, because I believe they deserve more attention.
 During the show, some of our usual listeners were asking if you are going to have an "encore", so we decided to make one. We picked 3 songs, and let the people on the chatbox vote on them. As for the winning song, you can see it in the list below.
Here is last night's full playlist:

Game of Thrones music theme (cover version) / NIGHTWISH: Elan / KARNATAKA: Road to Cairo / STEVE HACKETT: Corycian Fire / DRIFTING SUN: Trip the Life Fantastic / ARENA: The Demon Strikes / STEVE ROTHERY: The Ghosts of Pripyat / DRIFTING SUN: The Wizard / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: See Me See You / CURVED AIR: Easy / RARE BIRD: Baby Listen / TRAFFIC: Light up or Leave Me Alone / THE WHO: Love Reign O’er Me / DRIFTING SUN: Tormented / MARILLION: Easter / BEARDFISH: Can You See Me Now?  
"Epic" song: DRIFTING SUN: Last Supper 
"Encore": RAINBOW: Kill the King. 
 A very big thanks to all of you who logged in the show last night, and especially to Pat and Dan on 'Drifting Sun'. The next Prog & Roll will be online on Sunday the 26th of April, and this time we will have as "special guests" the members of the really good Greek band 'Mother Turtle'
Thank you all! :-)