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A Journey to Prog Vol.3 A "review" and the setlists...

As I wrote in a post a few days ago, on Sunday the 29th of March I went to the mini festival 'A Journey to Prog' in which 3 very good Greek bands were participating. Before anything else, I should say that I couldn't stay until the end, so I almost missed the performance of 'Poem'. I only saw the first 2 songs they played, and then I had to go. That's why I can't provide any info about their performance.
  The concert took place at a very "warm" place called 'Kyttaro Live' which is in the center of Athens. I reached there almost a half hour before the start, and I was kind of disappointed from the crowd I saw there. And although as the time was passing more and more people were showing up, they never filled the place. That was kind of a letdown for everybody I believe, and it was real pity, because all bands performed really well. 
Now let's take a look at the concert:
  At 21.00 Mother Turtle from Thessaloniki appeared on stage. I never saw them live before and I was really curious, because for me the stage is the "mirror" of every band or artist. When you are on the stage facing the crowd, you have to prove yourself, and show to everybody that you got what it takes. Well, I have to say that the guys surely "got it"! They played for almost an hour, presenting the songs from their (very good) debut album. Their performance was excellent, and they played the songs superbly! As for the end, they kept a surprise for us. The last song was a really good (and a little bit faster) cover version of 'Lady Fantasy'. (You know, from 'Camel'). That was the cherry on the cake! This was the first time I saw them live, but it will surely not be the last one! I strongly recommend seeing them live on every given occasion. You will not regret it!
Here is Mother Turtle's setlist:
707 (A November Less)
The Elf
Mother Turtle and the Evil Mushroom Part.1
God Games
Lady Fantasy (Camel cover) 
  The second band which appeared on stage was 'Verbal Delirium'. I have seen them twice in the past, so I knew what to expect more or less.Their performance lasted more than an hour, during which they played songs from their two albums. Furthermore, they presented two new songs from the third forthcoming album.'Verbal Delirium' consists of 5 basic members, plus a very important addition: Nicolas Nicolopoulos, the leader of the band 'Ciccada' who gives a unique "flavour" to their sound by playing Mellotron, Flute and Saxophone. All of them are very "professional" on stage, and their performances are always of very high standards.The same happened this time as well. Usually they end their shows with a cover version, but this time they chose not to play one. 
  What I wrote for 'Mother Turtle' stands for 'Verbal Delirium' as well. Both are very promising bands,and going to their shows is always a pleasure. So, try not to miss their next ones!
 Here you can check Verbal Delirium's setlist:
10.000 Roses
The Scene Remains the Same
Dancing Generation
Decayed Reflection
Imprisoned Words of Fear 
Sudden Winter
 After a small break, it was time for the Progressive Metal band 'Poem' to get on the stage. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't able to sit through their show, and I watched only the first two songs. Both of them were good ones, but I have no idea about the rest of their set. It was a pity I had to leave, but I hope to see them in one of their next concerts. For the same reason I have no setlist to provide to you, and I'm sorry for that.
  I took some videos with my mobile camera, but the sound is terrible, so I'm not posting them here. Instead, I'll post some videos I found on YouTube from some older performances of the bands. (In Poem's video, the live footage starts at 1:50)
 I hope you found this post interesting.
Thank you for reading.

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