Monday, April 6, 2015

Prog & Roll's 100th broadcast: A "review" and the full playlist...

As I wrote here a few days ago, last night Prog & Roll radio show was celebrating its 100th broadcast. It was a very important and happy day for us, that's why we wanted to present a really special show, and I believe that we did!
  We had lots of people listening from many different countries once more, and the chatbox was really on fire! Last night we had listeners from UK, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, USA and India! And I'm referring to those who were active on the chatbox only, because there were many who were just listening without participating.
 All of you who are listening to our show on a frequent basis know that we have musicians among our listeners, but this time we had too many! The ones who logged in during the show were: Anton Roolaart from USA, Staphane Desbienes (The D Project) from Canada, Jens Kipper (Archonaut) from Germany, David Curnow (Salander) Benjamin Bell and Mike Kershaw from England.
 At some point during the show, we received a mail from Benjamin Bell which was including a poem based on Rush's 'The Temples of Shyrinx', but with different lyrics which were referred to Prog & Roll. As you can understand we did read it online, and it was the following:

And the Greeks shall inherit the Earth"

They've taken care of everything.
The bands you'll hear, the songs they'll sing,
The playlist full of prog and rock and more,
It's one for all, all for one,
We chat together, quote Python,
Always vote for Epic #4,

We are the guests of the Justin Case Shoutbox,
Our great contributions,
Fill this scrolling wall.
We are the guests of the Justin Case Shoutbox,
Every Sunday night,
Here on Prog and Roll!

Look around the site they've made,
The quality of songs they've played,
Come and join the conversation man!
"That sounds like Crimson's mellotron,"
"The Yes influence in this one's strong,"
"Does anyone else here know about this obscure band?"

We are the guests of the Justin Case Shoutbox,
Our great contributions,
Fill this scrolling wall.
We are the guests of the Justin Case Shoutbox,
Every Sunday night,
Here on Prog and Roll!
It was a very touchy gesture with which we laughed a lot, and we want to thank him for that!

 As for the playlist, it was in a way made by our listeners. How's that? During the last 2-3 weeks all together we played a "game", on which we were asking to send us a list with the 10 albums they would take with them in a deserted island. I received many lists, much more than I was expecting to be honest, and thank you all for taking some time to make them. So what we did was that we picked the most famous bands and albums from those lists, and we just chose the songs.
 Here you can see which bands or artists which were more commonly included in the lists:
15 Times: PINK FLOYD
9 Times: GENESIS
7 Times: YES / QUEEN
 Further than that, we added 2 small parts from older shows in the playlist, and we were very happy when some people told us that they were there when these shows were "aired".
Anyway, I think it's time to write down the full playlist from last night, so here it is:
BLACK SABBATH: Snowblind / LED ZEPPELIN: Going to California / RUSH: The Trees / MARILLION: Heart of Lothian / PORCUPINE TREE: The Joke's on You / Intro from Prog & Roll No.5 on 28/10/2012 (Tribute to 'The Lord of the Rings') / CAMEL: Nimrodel / ELOY: The Sun Song / IRON MAIDEN: Powerslave / JETHRO TULL: Cup of Wonder / DAVID BOWIE: Ziggy Stardust / Part from Prog & Roll No. 75 on 28/9/2014 (Prog & Roll's special birthday show) / GENESIS: Dancing with the Moonlight Knight / YES: Wonderous Stories / PINK FLOYD: Comfortably Numb / QUEEN: White Queen / RAINBOW: Stargazer / MONTY PYTHON: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
 I would like to inform you that we will not have a show on next Sunday, because of the Orthodox Easter, and we will be back on Sunday the 19th of April.
 A very big thanks to all of you who are supporting our show and advertise it on every given ocassion.
Your love and support means a lot!
Thank you!