Thursday, April 16, 2015

Prog & Roll's 100th special show is available as a Podcast...

Hello all!
   A couple of weeks ago, it was Prog & Roll's 100th broadcast, and in order to celebrate it we played a "game" with our listeners among other things. I believe it was a really good show, and everybody seemed to enjoy it.  
During the show many people were asking if we are going to upload it as a podcast, in order to be able to listen to it again, and maybe download it as well. I promised them that I was going to do it, so... here it is!
  So all of you who want to listen to it once more or download it, you can do it now. As for all those who wasn't able to join our show that night, here's your chance to listen to it.
 At the start of the podcast you'll listen to the radio station's ad for a few seconds, and then comes Prog & Roll's intro spot. After that, the show starts.
 If you want to read a few info & take a look at the playlist beforehand, please check here:
And here you can listen and/or download the whole show:
I hope you'll find it interesting and enjoyable.
Thank you! :-)