Wednesday, May 20, 2015

KARNATAKA: Secrets of Angels (2015)

  Following in the wake of ‘Mostly Autumn’, ‘Karnataka’ tried to blend the traditional Celtic music with melodic Progressive Rock. The band was formed up in Swansea (Wales), in the mid ‘90’s, and their discography consists of 5 studio albums so far.
  Their latest release is the album ‘Secrets of Angels which is one of their best works so far.
  The album includes a rather mixed variety of different music styles, and that is something very interesting in my opinion. There are some Pop-like songs for example, and there are some others which are flirting with Heavy/Epic Metal, mostly because of the strong guitar riffs. (On some occasions they remind me of a lighter version of ‘Nightwish’).
  The album’s opening song is the wonderful ‘Road to Cairo’ with the obvious Anatolian influences, which is one of the album’s best songs without a doubt. The second track ‘Because of you’ is another very good song with an “epic” refrain, and strong guitars in some parts. ‘Poison Ivy’ which comes next, continues in the same style as ‘Because of You’, and it is followed by the beautiful and melodic ‘Forbidden Dreams’. With ‘Borderline’ the rhythm becomes faster, before going down again, with ‘Fairytale Lies’ which is the most “Pop” song of the album. ‘The 7th track ‘Feels Like Home’ is another melodic piece, longer than the previous ones, and a very good one. The 8th and last track is the 20 minute-long ‘Secrets of Angels’ which is the only true Prog-oriented song of the album. But in my opinion, it is longer that it should have been, so it becomes kind of boring after some time.
 ‘Secrets of Angels’ is a very good album in general, which will satisfy listeners with different music tastes. Almost everybody will find some songs of his/her liking, and that is one of the album’s advantages. As for myself, I found it very interesting and pleasant to listen to, and that’s why my rating will be 3.5 - 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. 
 Thank you for reading... :-)