Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Prog & Roll radio show (3/5/2015). A review and the full playlist.

Hello all!
Here I am again with (one day delay), in order to inform you about last Sunday's Prog & Roll radio show.
There was an internet blackout here yesterday, that's why I couldn't log in and write this post.
So, let's see what happened...
 This time we didn't have any musicians as "guests" on the chatbox, that's why we were completely free to prepare a playlist as we wanted to. There were some musicians who logged in and listened to the show as usual, but they weren't our "official" guests.
 As for the songs we played, once more we divided the show into 4-half hour parts, and on each part we played different kind of music. At the first half-hour we played classic Heavy Metal and Prog Metal, during the 2nd half-hour we played songs from new releases, and on the 3rd part we played songs exclusively from the '70's. As for the end, we had a "heroic"- theme half hour prepared, including songs with Kings, warriors, castles, ancient cities etc. 
 At the end of the show we played the "epic" song as usual, which was fitting perfect I believe, because of the whole "heroic" theme of the last part. Near the end, people were asking if we are going to do an "encore", so we decided to give them 4 options and let them decide on the song we were going to play as "encore". For the first time ever, we had a 4-songs tie, because all the songs received the same amount of votes. That was a pickle, so we decided to play 2 songs instead of one. We picked the one for which there was too much "noise" on the chatbox, and we made them vote again for the 3 remaining. After the second voting we played the one which received the most votes. (No tie this time).
 Here you can take a look at the whole playlist:

Part. 1: OZZY OSBOURNE: Mr. Crowley / IRON MAIDEN: Where Eagles Dare / DREAM THEATER: Another Day / FATES WARNING: Pieces of Me / ARCHONAUT: Last March of the Swarm. 
Part. 2: THE GRAND TOUR: The Horn of Plenty / STEVE HACKETT: Love Song to a Vampire / ANEKDOTEN: If it all Comes Down to You / CICCADA: A Night’s Ride.
Part. 3: LOVE SCULPTURE: In the Land of the Few / CRESSIDA: To Play Your Little Game / JOURNEY: In My Lonely Feelings / LED ZEPPELIN: No Quarter.
Part. 4:  FOCUS: House of the King / RUSH: A Farewell to Kings / WISHBONE ASH: Warrior / EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Jerusalem. 
"Epic" song: CHRIS DE BURGH: Crusader.
Ecore #1: THE WHO: The Real Me.
Encore #2: CAMEL: Never Let Go. 
  I would like to thank all those who joined our show, hoping you had some nice time.
 On next Sunday's Prog & Roll we are going to celebrate Just In Case Radio's 3rd birthday, so we are preparing a magnificent "theme" show which you shouldn't miss. I already started working on it, and I believe it will be a wonderful show!
  Thank you all! :-)