Monday, May 25, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show (24/5/2015). The full playlist.

  Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online, as usual.
  This time the chatbox wasn't so crowded like other times, and it was more relaxing. The truth is that when the chatbox is very crowded it's hard to understand what's going on, because there are lots of conversations going on at the same time.
  During the week, we prepared a more "Rock" playlist, and I hope everybody had some nice time with the songs we chose to play. As far as I know, many people during the show raised the volume lots of times, and that's a good sign, right?
  Here you can see the whole playlist from last night's show:

AC DC: You shook me all night long / THE CULT: Spiritwalker / IRON MAIDEN: Hallowed be Thy name / JUDAS PRIEST: Beyond the realms of death / THE WATCH: Devil’s bridge / UNITOPIA: Nothing lasts forever / BIG BIG TRAIN: Swan Hunter / KARNATAKA: Because of you / YEAR OF THE GOAT: For the King / CLEPSYDRA: The Witch / SIENA ROOT: Between the lines / GRAVEYARD: Slow motion countdown / BLUES PILLS: No hope left for me / THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Anemone / VAN MORRISON: Checkin’ it out / SUPERTRAMP: A soapbox opera / BLONDE ON BLONDE: Candles in the sky / GENTLE GIANT: Wreck.
"Epic" song:  GENESIS: Firth of fith 
"Encore": VAN HALEN: Running with the Devil.
  I would like to say a very big thanks to all those who are supporting our show, and they are showing their love and friendship in every given occasion. We always try to do our best, and we are very pleased and honored to have such a lovely audience.
Thank you all! :-)