Monday, April 24, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (23/4/2017). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  After a week's break, Prog & Roll Radio Show was back last night with one more special show for our listeners.Yesterday was St. George's day here in Greece, therefore it was my name day.
A couple of weeks ago I asked from our listeners to pick a song and dedicate it to me, as a "present" for my name day. The plan was to play all their songs during last night's show, and that's exactly what we did. But together with the people's choices, I also added in the playlist a couple of songs that I like very much, from bands and artists that we never play in Prog & Roll, mostly because of their music style. Also, this time we played 2 songs from the same band, which we never do, but two of our listeners asked for them.
  We had a good crowd listening last night, including a few musicians as usual, and the general atmosphere was rather jolly and fun. As far as I know, our audience was including people from Greece, United States, England, France, Germany and Sweden .
 The playlist was kind of mixed up, and someone characterized it as "colourful", which I think it was right on the spot.
 Here you can see the complete playlist:
1st Part: KAMELOT: March of Mephisto / THE GATHERING: Strange Macines / QUEENSRYCHE: Silent Lucidity / JUDAS PRIEST: Dreamer Deceiver. 
2nd Part: VERBAL DELIRIUM: Close to You / QUEEN: We Will Rock You (Live at the BBC) / MOBY: New Dawn Fades / SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES: Melt! 
3rd Part: GEORGE HARRISON: What is Life / PETER HAMMILL: Airport / RENAISSANCE: The Vultures Fly High / GENESIS: The Fountain  of Salmacis / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: The Poet – After the Day.
4th Part: VERBAL DELIRIUM: So Close and yet so far Away / AYREON: Sea of Machines / MOSTLY AUTUMN: Sight of Day. 
  I would like to say a very big thanks to all those who tuned in last night, and to all those who send their songs of choice as a dedication to me. I believe it was a very nice and fun show and as it seemed the people really enjoyed it. Next Sunday we are going to make a really special and kind of unique show, but more info on that later on.
Thank you all!