Friday, April 28, 2017

Special Prog & Roll Radio Show, including an interview with Clive Nolan and one of his songs in a worldwide premiere!

Hello all!
  I am writing this post in order to inform you about Sunday's  Prog & Roll Radio Show. (30/4/2017).
In my opinion you shouldn't miss this really special show, and here's the reasons why:
  During the first hour, we are going to make a "tribute" to Clive Nolan's operas/musicals, and we are going to play the most interesting parts of the interview I took of him while I was in England. He told me lots of interesting things about his music, his bands and projects, his future plans, etc. He was also kind enough to give me as a "present" one of his unreleased songs to play in the show. So, further than all the rest, we are also going to play in a worldwide premiere, a song (it is a fantastic aria actually), from his forthcoming Rock opera King's Ransom, that is going to be released after almost 4 months! At this point, I would like to thank him for doing this; it is such an honor!
  After the first and during the second hour, we are going to have the song of the Month contest, where our listeners with their grades are deciding which song is going to be announced as the best Song of this Month. We have a bunch of really excellent songs to play during the second hour of the show, and I'm pretty sure that this time the competition is going to be fierce!
  And at the end of the show, we are going to learn the winning song, that is going to take its place in Prog & Roll's Top-10 song list for this season. 
 I seriously believe that it is going to be a very interesting, enjoyable and unique show, so in case you might be interested tune in!
 Prog & Roll is a bilingual live broadcast, and it comes online at 20.00 UK time. (21.00 Sweden, Italy, Germany, France) (22.00 Greece, Turkey, Israel).
In case you are interested, here's the link of the radio station:
I hope to "see" some of you in our chatbox.
Thank you! 😎