Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spotlights on: SIENA ROOT

  In the series of posts named as ‘Spotlights on’, I am going to present some bands that I believe they are not so famous, and in my opinion they deserve more publicity. 
   Today I am going to write a few things about the Swedish band Siena Root, from Stockholm. They have begun their career as a trio in the late 90’s, and so far they have change an impressive number of members. Their sound is a very tight old-fashioned Heavy Rock, influenced by some of the great bands of the 70’s, such as Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, to name a few. In their early recordings they were also influenced by the American Psychedelic scene, and their sound was “coloured” with some not so popular instruments, such as Hardy Gurdy, Mandolin, Sitar etc.
  Siena Root is a very active live band, famous for their powerful live shows, and as far as I know they give live gigs on every given occasion. Also, they release their albums on CD and Vinyl editions, like the good old days. (Only the cassette is missing).
 Their discography consists of 5 studio and 2 live albums so far, which are the following:
A New Day Dawning (2004)

Kaleidoscope (2006)

Far From the Sun (2008)

Different Realities (2009)

Live at Roj (2010)

Root Jam – Live (2011)

Pioneers (2014)
  I have all their studio albums in my collection, and I believe that with every new release they become better and better. 
In case you don’t know them, I definitely suggest that you should pay some attention to this band. Maybe they don't bring something new in the modern Rock music scene, but who does that anyway in our days? These guys are playing good old fashioned Rock music, and they play it good and loud!
By clicking on the following YouTube links you will be able to listen to a few songs I chose for you.

Between the Lines (Pioneers)
Waiting for the Sun (Far From the Sun)