Thursday, April 26, 2012

Greece slideshow

More than a year ago me and my wife made a slide show about Greece, and we uploaded it on YouTube.
It was especially made for some friends from Europe with whom we were playing the Lord of the Rings Online.
Because my mind is scattered in general, and I'm also not famous for my memory, I forgot the passwords etc, and therefore I couldn't log in to my own account on YouTube. The main problem was that among all the others, I had also forgotten the title of the slide show, so even I couldn't find it! hahahaha
  But after making many different combinations, I did manage to log in at last, and... there it was!
 I also changed the name of the post, to be easier to find.
So, if any of you wants to take a look, you can watch it here:

Or by clicking on the following link:

Thanks! :)