Saturday, April 7, 2012


   As I said on my profile, one of the things I like in life is travelling in any way possible. With my bike, with airplanes, alone or with company.  The point is to discover and explore new destinations, learn new cultures, try new foods, and be a part of something unknown.
  For many years I was travelling whenever an opportunity presented itself. Lately is more difficult, cause of many things in my everyday life, and also my family. But I still make plans in my mind, and I hope someday will come true.
   From time to time I will post here on this blog some places I have visited, make a small 'presentation' for each one of them, and try to put as many photos as I can. Or maybe I will adjust the slide show showing pictures from this place. I will think about it... :)
The only problem is that I made some very nice travels and saw some very beautiful places many years ago, and back then I didn't have a digital camera. Therefore, no digital photos.
Anyway, I will try to do my best in any way...