Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TV Series: MAD DOGS -The 4th (and last) season...

   Here you will read a few things about the 4th and last season of the English TV Series 'Mad Dogs'.
(If you care to read my reviews about the first 3 seasons, you can check these links: Mad Dogs Season 1&2 - Mad Dogs Season 3)
   Let's say a few things about the series first. Well, in the first 3 seasons there were 4 episodes of about 40-45 minutes lenght in each one. For some reason in this last 'season' there were only 2 episodes.
Further than that, Season 1 started very good, with sufficient doses of suspence & humour, and a very interesting plot. Season 2 continued in the same way more or less, but then season 3 came out, which was the worst of all 3 by far. After watching season 3 I read a few things about the forthcoming season 4, and the producers and actors of the series stated that the 4rth season would be the last one, and they promised a breathtaking finale.
  So, as soon as Season 4 came out I rushed watching it and see what this breathtaking finale was...
First surprise: There were only 2 episodes. 'Oh well' I thought, "maybe they made 2 long ones instead of 4 short ones". Nope! Just 2 episodes with the usual 40-42 minutes lenght.
 So I watched them both in one evening, and when it came to the end, I couldn't believe how dissapointed I felt. It was maybe the biggest let down of the latest years (tv-wise).The impression it gave me is that they just wanted to conclude the series very fast and they didn't care much for the rest. And it is really pity, because the whole story started very good and it seemed as a very promising series. But seson 3 was kind of dissapointing, and then came season 4 to strike the last blow.
 There are not really many things I can write on this last season, because I am really very dissapointed. My major disappointment did not stem from the half-cooked scenario of season 4, but more like, it stemmed from the fact that it was rushed as if to say: "Alright, lets get this over with."

So, I will conclude this post by adding my personal rating:
Season 1: 8.00, Season 2: 7.30 - 7.50, Season 3: 6.50 - 6.70, and Season 4: 6.00 (max).
 Here you can watch a short trailer for the 4th season...