Monday, March 10, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 9/3/2014 (The Full Playlist)

Hello all!
On last night's Prog & Roll Radio show we decided to play songs from some not so famous bands, or bands which we rarely play in our show. Of course we did some exceptions, as you will see in the playlist that folows:

CICCADA: A Child in the Mirror / MASTERMIND: Tokyo Rain / OMEGA: You Don’t Know / QUARTERMASS: Black ship of the Family / CARAVAN: Place of my Own / FAMILY: Spanish Tide / HAWKWIND: Quark Strangeness & Charm / FRUMPY: Indian Rope Man / JOHN LORD: Caprice / TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: What is Eternal / WHITE WILLOW: Storm Season TRANSATLANTIC: I Need You / ASHBURY: Vengeance / BLACK MOUNTAIN: Tyrants / GHOST: Ritual / BOC: Black Blade / AYREON: Magnetism / BEARDFISH: Sunrise / ELECTRIC LITANY: A Dream worth Dreaming / PINK FLOYD: Fletcher Memorial Home / VDGG: Still Life. 
Thank you all who joined our show last night, and I hope you enjoyed the music and our company :)

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