Friday, March 14, 2014

The "Genesis Archive" Documentary Vol.1 (1967- 1975)

On these last days I'm making a research on the internet, in order to find any documentaries available about some Rock bands or Rock music in general.
 Except of the documentary about the '60's which I posted a few days ago, I found some other very interesting documentaries about many bands, and I will slowly slowly upload them here, in this blog.
 So, today's documentary happens to be an excellent one. It concerns one of my most beloved bands, which are Genesis. Vol.1 refers to their story in the years with Peter Gabriel in their ranks, which in my opinion was by far their best and most productive period.
 The documentary has a running time of almost 45 minutes, so sit back and enjoy the story of Genesis! (As for Vol.2, I'll post it here in the next days).