Thursday, July 10, 2014

GFreedom's channel on You Tube. An Update...

Hello all!
Here's an update concerning my channel in You Tube.
Well, it's been almost 2.5 months that I decided to start my channel, and so far I've uploaded 160+ songs from many different music styles.
I must say that I'm pleased with the visits I see, so I'll try to keep up the pace in the future.
In order to make the search easier, I created 4 playlists in which I'm placing songs that more or less fall under the specific category.
The playlists are:
1. Progressive: In this playlist I'm including Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Neo - Prog, and Prog - Related songs).
2. Hard - Heavy: Here you can find classic Hard -Rock and Heavy Metal, + Progressive Metal songs. (The Progressive Metal songs are included in the"Progressive" playlist as well).
3. Rock in general: In this playlist you can find classic songs from Rock music in general, as the title implies. Rock, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Psychedelia, it's all in there!
4. Folk - Rock:  And in this one, I'm adding Folk - Rock sings from UK & USA. (But mostly from the English Folk - Rock scene). (And by Folk, I don't mean Country).
As my songlist will be expanding I guess I will add more categories, but for the moment  I have only these 4.
There are also some songs which do not fall under any of these categories, so these ones are not included in any of them.
In case you want to check my channel, just open You Tube, go to channels search, and type: George Eleftheriou. You will find it under that name. In case there are more channels with the same name, you will recognize mine from the "Jester" on the avatar.
Feel free to subscribe, like or dislike, comment, share songs, etc...
Enjoy the music people! :)
Thank you for reading.