Friday, July 18, 2014

Last PROG & ROLL radio show of the season on this Sunday night.

Hello all!
I'm writing this post in order to inform you that on this Sunday (20/7) we will have the last PROG & ROLL radio show for this season.
It's almost the end of July, and it's time to take a break, so we decided that this show will be the last of this summer.
And because of that we wanted to make something special. So, this Sunday's radio show will be extended, and it will last about 2.5 hours. But further than that, the majority of the songs will be upbeat, and we will include some bands and artists which we rarely play or we have never played before. We will play music from many decades starting from the year 1966, and reaching up to 2014. We will include music styles like, Classic Rock, Psychedelia, Progressive Rock, Hard-Rock, Progressive Metal, Neo-Prog etc..
 We hope many people will join us, so all together will spend a beautiful night with lots of fun and lots of good music.
For those who aren't familiar with our radio show, I should inform you that it starts at 20.00 UK time, and the broadcasting is in English and Greek.
You can listen online by clicking this link:
 Thank you for reading this, and we will meet online on Sunday night.