Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The last PROG & ROLL radio show of the season. (20/7/2014) The Full Playlist

Hello all!
The Sunday (20/7) we had the last Prog & Roll radio show for this season, therefore we wanted to make it kind of a special one somehow.
 What we finally did was that we extended the show to 2.5 hours (from 2 hours), and we included in the playlists songs from bands and artists which we play very rare, or we never played before. In the first half hour we had a very upbeat program mostly with Heavy Metal or Progressive Metal bands. In the second half hour we continued the upbeat set, mostly with Neo-Prog or modern Progressive Rock bands. Then, at the 3rd part we did a "tribute" to the classic Rock scene of the '60's, followed by a classic Hard Rock 4rth part.
The final 5th part was including songs from the English classic Progressive Rock music scene. And that is what the last Prog & Roll was about. (musicaly at least).
Many people joined the show, from time to time the chatbox was on fire, and we had lots of fun.
The 2.5 hours of the show passed very fast I have to admit, and at the end everybody seemed happy and satisfied with the whole show. 
From now on we will not have another show 'till September, because it is time for us to relax, and make some research at the same time. (for new bands etc).
And here you can see the whole playlist, divided in the 5 parts I mentioned earlier:
Part 1:  DREAM THEATER: The Number of the Beast (Live) / SYSTEM OF A DOWN: Chop Suey! / TOOL: Stingfist / RAMMSTEIN: Rosenrot / DISTORTED HARMONY: Breath.
Part 2:  PORCUPINE TREE: Blackest Eyes / GALAHAD: Secret Kingdoms / THE D PROJECT: Rearview Mirror / CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Northern Comfort / ARENA: Enemy Without.
Part 3:THE BEATLES: For no One / THE WHO: I’m Free / THE ROLLING STONES: Ruby Tuesday / THE KINKS: Days / THE DOORS: Strange Days / LOVE: The Castle / JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Greasy Heart.
Part 4: BLUE OYSTER CULT: Sinful Love / SCORPIONS: The Sails of Charon / TED NUGENT: Stranglehold / RUSH: Red Barchetta.
Part 5: PINK FLOYD: What do you want from me / MARILLION: The Last Straw? / GENESIS: The Chamber of 32 Doors / CAMEL: Air Born / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Medicine Man / KING CRIMSON: In the Court of the Crimson King.
 I want to thank all of you who listened and supported our show during this season. It means a lot to us to know that many people are listening and enjoying it.
PROOG & ROLL will be back in September, so 'till then enjoy your summer and take care!
Thank you!

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