Saturday, July 5, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.97

Hello all!
 These last 2 weeks I was very busy, and I didn't have so much time to deal with my blog as I usually do.
But because I can't live without music, I listened to lots of nice songs, and once more it was a bit hard to choose the songs for my weekly Top-5 songlist.
After listening to a few songs again and again, I finally decided which ones I will include in this week's list, and they are the following:
JETHRO TULL: Thick as a Brick Part. 1 (Thick as a Brick - 1972)
DAVID BOWIE: Cygnet Committee (Space Oddity - 1969)
MUSE: Stockholm Syndrome (Absolution - 2003)
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY: Girl with no Eyes (It's a Beautiful Day - 1969)
THE D PROJECT: Making Sense (Making Sense - 2014)
I will conclude this post as usual, by adding 2 videos from my list.
Enjoy the music folks, and have a nice weekend!
Thanks :)