Saturday, September 20, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.101

Hey all!
  After almost a month and a half, the usual Saturday "Juke Box" series of posts is back.
  For those who aren't familiar with these posts I should say that on every Saturday I'm writing this post which includes my weekly Top-5 songlist for you to take a look, and maybe listen to a few songs you don't know yet. Sometimes I receive comments from people who are adding their own weekly Top-5 song or album list, which is something I like very much. So, If any of you is in the mood for that, know that your comments are very welcome!
As for my weekly Top-5 songs you can see them here:
EDEN: Spatergen (Eden - 1978)
KALEIDOSCOPE: The Sky Children (Tangerine Dream - 1967)
ARENA: Sirens (Pride - 1996)
MADRUGADA: What's on your mind? (Madrugada - 2008)
JETHRO TULL: Thick as a Brick Part.1 (Thick as a Brick - 1972)
At the end of the post I'll add a couple of songs for you to listen to right away.
Tthe first video is the song 'Spartegen' by the German band 'Eden', and on the second one the Psychedelic tune 'The Sky Children' by the English underground band 'Kaleidoscope'. Enjoy the music people, and have a wonderful weekend!
Thank for visiting! :)