Monday, September 29, 2014

Prog & Roll: The Special Birthday Show (29/9/2014)

  Yesterday was Prog & Roll's second birthday, so we decided to make a special show in order to celebrate it. First of all we planned an extended show, which lasted more than 2.5 hours, and it included the participation of some other producers from the radio station. We had some surprises in the playlist as well, which at some parts included songs from the very first show. Also we played a birthday song which 'Salander' recorded especially for Prog & Roll and send it to us, which was something very thoughtful and touchy. 
 As for the people who logged in, well... we had many people in the chatbox and many many more who were just listening. Both members of 'Salander' joined us in the chatbox and listened to the whole show, and I think it was a very friendly and fun atmosphere in general, with the comments and everything.
 A characteristic of last night's show was that for the first time we even did an encore! Yes yes, at the time we were finishing, people were asking for more, so we played one extra song for them. We felt like Rock Stars! hahaha
 As some of you know already, for this year we named the last part of the show as 'The Grand Finale" or "Epic Part", on which we will be playing at least one very long song. On our previous show we played Jethro Tull's 'Thick as a Brick' Part 1, and last night was Marillion's turn with 'Grendel'.
If you are interested to see the full playlist, it is here:
Part 1: MOUNTAIN: For Yasgur’s Farm / STONE THE CROWS: Sad Mary / ERIC CLAPTON: Little Wing / JIMI HENDRIX: Red House
 Part 2: Birthday spot by SALANDER / GENESIS: Dancing with the Moonlight knight / WILL-O-THE WISP: Elbereth / THE MARS VOLTA: Widow / SALANDER: Out of the Wreckage 
Part 3: PORCUPINE TREE: Sound of Muzak / QUEEN: Brighton Rock / CAMEL: Nimrodel / PROCOL HARUM: Conquistador (Live) 
Part 4: RUSH: A Farewell to Kings / UFO: love to Love / THIN LIZZY: Massacre / KANSAS: On the Other Side / PAVLOV’S DOG: Late November.
Part 5 (Epic): LIFE LINE PROJECT: Dusk / MYSTERY: The Silent Scream / MARILLION: Grendel
 Extra Song: ELOY: Future City
  I want to thank you all for joining our show last nught, and especially the 2 members of 'Salander', Dave & Dave for joining our show twice in a row, and of course for making this wonderful birthday song for us.
Prog & Roll will be online again on next Sunday 5/10, at the usual hour. (20.00 UK time)
Thank you very much! :)