Thursday, September 25, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: The first Podcast...

Hello all!
Many people from time to time asked if it could be possible to upload our shows as a podcast, in order to be able to listen to them any time they want.
Truth is that I had no idea what a podcast was, and how it works.
Together with my wife we made a small research, and finally we did it!
So now it is possible for everybody to listen to our show whenever he/she wants.
In this first podcast we uploaded the show we did on Sunday 21/9/2014.
If you are interested to see the playlist behorehand in order to listen to the songs you like, or you don't know, take a look here:
If you like our show, spread the word people!
In order to listen just click the following link:
Prog & Roll radio show on 21/9/2014
Thank you!