Friday, September 19, 2014

'PROG & ROLL' Reloaded...

 After a long Summer break, 'Prog & Roll' radio show is back!
Starting from this Sunday (21/9), GFreedom Team will be presenting 'Prog & Roll' radio show once more, on the same day & hour as before. (every Sunday at 20.00 UK time)
   During the break we decided that we wanted to make some changes, and all of you who listen to our show frequently, will see what I mean very soon. First of all, we will widen ever more our musical horizons, in order to make the show more interesting, more enjoyable and more unpredictable. Further than that, we will have some changes in the structure of the show itself, but I'm not gonna reveal more on that subject.
  Furthermore, we will be doing some special shows every now & then, on which we will have some of our listeners as guests, and altogether we will be playing something like a "musical game". There are also a few more things we have in mind, but I'm not going to reveal them right now either. You will have to tune in for that. The point is that this year we will try to do whatever we can in order to present something that you will find interesting and enjoyable.
  Don't forget that 'Prog & Roll' is a live show, and the broadcasting is in English & Greek language.
On every Monday morning I will be writing a post here, with Sunday's playlist, so you can take a look and see what kind of music we played.
 It will be a great joy to have you there with us on Sunday nights, and we hope that you will like the "new" 'Prog & Roll'.
If you want to log in, just click this link:
Thank you! :)

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