Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Night's 'Prog & Roll' radio show. The full playlist and more...

Last night we had the first Prog & Roll for the new season, as I mentioned in the post below.
 We wanted to make a nice start, and I beleve we did a very good one! Further than the music we played, and the people who were listening and/or participating in the chatbox, we had also an unexpected visitor: Mr. Dave Smith from the band 'Salander' joined our show, so we made a small last-minute change in the playlist in order to play one of their songs. He stayed until the end of the show, and as it seemed he enjoyed it.
 As for the show itself, this time we had a more 'Rock' playlist than usual, and we tried for the first time one of the changes I mentioned in the other post. In the fourth (and last) half-hour part on the show we used to play the most slow and melodic songs. But from now and on in this last part we will be playng songs which can be characterized as "Epic" ones, mostly because of their length, and/or their main theme. These songs can be from 10 minutes minimum up to half-hour maximum.As you can understand these songs are very difficult to listen on the radio, so we thought it will be a nice idea to have something like a "Grand Finale" to our shows. As for last night's 'Epic' song, we chose the first part of Jethro Tull's 'Thick as a Brick'.
 We also had a music contest, on which we played a cover version of a song, and we were asking which artist/band recorded the original version of it, and what was the name of the song. I must say that I was surprised from the really quick answer we received in the chatbox. Just for the record I should say that the song was Bob Dylan's 'One more cup of coffee', and the cover version we played was recorded by Robert Plant.
  As for the whole playlist from last night's show you can see it here:

DEEP PURPLE: Burn / TONY IOMMI: Flame on / DREAMSCAPE: Led Astray / IRON MAIDEN: Alexander the Great / SALANDER: Zeitgeist / TRION: Silence Of the Universe / STYX: The Grand Illusion / ELOY: Inside / ROBERT PLANT: One More Cup of Coffee (Music Contest) / BRYAN FERRY: These Foolish Things / VAN MORRISON: The Great Deception / TRAFFIC: Empty Pages / CREAM: Sunshine of Your Love / DAVID BOWIE: Hang on to Yourself / FOCUS: Anonymous / JETHRO TULL: Thick as a Brick (Part.1).
As for next Sunday, we will prepare a special playlist full of great songs, and maybe a few surprises as well, because it will be Prog & Roll's birthday. So, try not to miss our next show, because I believe it will be a very good one.
Thank you very much for logging in last night and listening, hoping you had some nice time.