Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Goodies from GFreedom's Music Collection # 21

   PAICE, ASHTON & LORD: Malice in Wonderland (1977)
 This short-lived project was formed by Jon Lord (Keyboards) and Ian Pace (drums), both members of Deep Purple, after the band's break up in 1976. The band's line up was completed with the addition of the 3 very good, but not so famous - at the time - musicians, Tony Ashton (Guitar, vocals), Paul Martinez (bass) and Bernie Mardsen (Guitar).
  If the names of these 3 musicians don't ring any bell, I should inform you that Bernie Mardsen became the basic guitar player in Whitesnake after 'Paice Ashton & Lord' and Paul Martinez was a session musician who worked together with Robert Plant, Maggie Bell and Peter Gabriel among others. As for Tony Ashton, he was Jon Lord's close friend, and during his musical career, he worked with some very big names in Rock music, such as Paul Mc Cartney, Eric Clapton and George Harrison.
 The band released only one studio album in 1977, named 'Malice in Wonderland', and the music style here is a mix of Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and Funk. This surely came as a surprise to the fans of Deep Purple (mostly), and maybe that is the reason that the album despite the positive reviews, wasn't a commercial success. The band had in mind the release of one more album, which never happened.
 Originally, the album was including 9 songs, and had a total running time of almost 43 minutes. In 1995 the album was re-issued, including 3 live tracks as bonus. 'Malice in wonderland' was released once more as a CD in 2001, but this time was including 8 new songs that were recorded for the band's second album, which as I wrote above  was never released. (Personally, I have the 1995 version, with the 3 live bonus tracks)
 'Malice in Wonderland' is a very good and musically interesting album in my opinion, and every Rock music collector should add it in his collection. All the tracks are almost equally good, with one exception: The album's opening song, which is one level above the rest. I'm referring to the rather famous 'Ghost Story'.
 By clicking on the following link you can listen to 'Ghost Story', and have an idea about the band's sound.
Enjoy! :-)